Who are we?

A cutting edge leader in the IT Service industries, fast-growing company with its headquarters in one of Spain’s most vibrant and sunniest cities – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Our energetic and innovative employees develop online applications for major brands across the globe focusing into the East African market needs and demands. We specialize in the online entertainment industry with focus on sports. Kentech is a company that knows how to have fun when working hard. And that’s a key word – fun. Fun is something we want all our employees to experience!

This is all part of what makes Kentech an outstanding company to work for. We take talented, hard-working individuals and put them in a position to succeed by fostering an engaging, competitive environment where everybody’s skills are utilized to the fullest. Kentech prides itself on the success it achieves through collaboration; it’s what ultimately happens when you have a variety of individuals working together to accomplish team goals.

We're hiring!

Calling all trailblazers, innovators and problem solvers! We employ creative minds that can take us to new places. We're hiring individuals that will positively impact both their careers and the careers of those around them. At Kentech the people are the most valued asset. Kentech’s Talent Development Program benefits from the best practices and stimulates the personal achievements, mastery of the employee’s professional skills and boosts their creativity.